(Govt Reg No 32-Act XXI of 1860 Pondicherry)
              IBAM / R.M.P.A - 14299
Agasthyar, the great Dravidian guru who is believed to be the father of Siddha Vaidyam. With an history of over 7000 years, Siddha vaidyam understands health and wellness at the subatomic level. The word Siddha comes from chitta, which is roughly translated as a subatomic particle in modern terms. Chitta is considered as the fundamental building block of the universe as well as consciousness. Vaidyam denotes a medical science. Consequently, Siddha Vaidya can be translated as the ancient science of subatomic medicine. Siddha Vaidyam can be defined as a comprehensive and scientific system of medicine which accurately diagnose all types of human ailments by gauging the pulses of dasa nadis (ten principal nerves) and curing the diseases by administering a wide range of elixir like medicines prepared out of medicinal plants, herbs and other ingredients.
The most inportmant fact about Siddha medicine is that it cause no side effect at all. It invariably enhances the general health and immunity power of patients.Most of the diseases which are incurable ones to other medical sciences are only either saddhyam or klishta saddhyam diseases to Siddha Vaidyam. The philosophy behind Siddha Vaidya is based on an in depth understanding of the human body and its interaction with the surroundings that changed little with time. Siddha Vaidya bases its foundation on elements in nature, forming humors, organs and functional systems. An understanding of these basics are necessary for administering correct therapies on both curative and preventative fronts.
Now even the Modem Medical science acknowledges the unique potential of Siddha Vaidyam to combat dreaded diseases like asthma, psoriasis, diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, ulcer, piles, kidney stone, bladder stone, uterine growths, gynaec disorders, hypertension, nephrological disorders etc. Persisting pests like migraine, sinusitis, tonsillitis etc also surrender in no time before Siddha System. Results of the Siddha treatment for male and female infertility have always been encouraging.
Siddha system classifies diesases - stages of diseases to be exact - into three catagories.
saddhayam, klishta saddhyam & assadhyam
According to Siddha scriptures around 80% of human ailments fall into the first category, saddhayam. Saddhyam category diseases are the ones, which can easily be cured within a short span of time. One mandalam (41 days) is the usual duration of the treatment for saddhyam category of diseases.
Those diseases, which are difficult to cure, but curable fall into klishta saddhyam category. Around 17% of the diseases belong to this group. One to three years is required to cure klishta saddhyam category of diseases.
Three per cent diseases fall into the third category, assadhyam. It is impossible to cure assadhyam category of diseases. But Siddha treatement will certainly improve the condition of patients affected with assaddhyam group of diseases.
Siddha Vaidya is very effective in managing chronic diseases and degenerative conditions and holds many promises for the Health and Wellness of humanity. Healthy, functional and productive longevity is a promise from Siddha Vaidya.
Neetumarunnukal- medicines prepared from navalohas (nine metals) like mercury, gold, silver, copper etc. and 64 types of poisonous substances (64 pashanas) - give extra curing edge to Siddha system. Panchabhoota and Thridosha theories had been first pro- pounded by ancient Siddhars. Fully developed Marma Sasthra (science of vulnerable points) is one of the unique features of Siddha Vaidyam. Siddha system believes that every individual is unique. Hence Siddha practitioners always try to treat the patient, not the disease.